Product Information

Cut sizes, prefabricated components, furniture fronts
Initially, all elements are produced as full-format composite or profiled element. According to your requirements, the elements can be delivered in cut-sizes, particular lengths or as prefabricated component with edges, borings and milled edges. Furniture fronts, for example for kitchens are also produced on special request.

The bonding of surfaces and radii is carried out according to D2/D3 as standard.Bonding according to D3/D4 is available on request.
D2 = interior area with occasionally short-term exposure to draining water or condensation and/or short-term exposure to high humidity with an increase of the wood humidity of max. 18 %
D3 = interior area with regular short-term exposure to draining water or condensation and/or long-term expo­sure to high humidity. Exterior areas, weather protected.
D4 = interior area with frequent and heavy exposure to draining water or condensation. Exterior area exposure to weather, however with appropriate surface protection

Resistance to bowing
can only be guaranteed for fully symme­trical elements which have been stored properly. Symmetrical elements for core materials < 22 mm is not given, if:

  • protective film is only applied on one side ie: on the front or reverse
  • Front and reverse HPL are from different manufacturers

Furthermore, despite symmetric design, bowing cannot be ruled out on core board materials  <16 mm thickness.

Reverse materials
We use reverse laminate according to the manufacturer's specification as standard. Here we assume responsibility for the choice of decor. For this a maximum of three laminate strips can be joined together smoothly. For chipboard FPY V20/E1 with a core thickness greater than 22 mm we use a white paper reverse as standard.
On request we can of course use reverse materials according to customer's own decorative specification.

Over / short deliveries
Superficial defects arising from the material and during production, which do not interfere with product quality and which are permitted within the criteria for first choice goods will be assessed according to the sorting regulations laid out in DIN EN 438 and in the international ISO standards. Defects which exceed these guidelines as well as defects arising from production will be indicated and not charged for. Should no lengths be specified at the time of ordering, we reserve the right to supply elements with up to 400 mm end allowance. A production-related over or short delivery of up to a maximum of 5% (at least one element) per order is permissible.

If required we can provide test results and/or certificates for the materials used, as far as they are provided to us by the respective manufacturers (please request these if needed).
We reserve the right to alter technical specifications.