Prefabricated Components /Furniture Panels

ELTEC manufactures free form elements according to your drawings. Using our CNC facility, we can also process large format materials up to a thicknesses of 60 mm. Thus not only can we supply elements with edges, borings and milled edges, but also with edge banding up to a 3 mm thickness.

Below you will find our minimum and maximum dimensions:

Milled edges and borings:
Minimum dimension: 360 x 150 x 10 mm
Maximum dimension: 5000 x 1110 - 1630 x 170 mm

Edge bonding:
Minimum dimension: 500 x 400 x 10 mm
Maximum dimension: 4000 x 1450 x 60 mm

Edging machine:
Maximum thickness of component:  80 mm
Minimum thickness of component:    7 mm

Edge thicknesses:
0,4 - 3,0 mm

Initially, all elements are produced as full-format composite or profiled element. According to your requirements, the elements can be delivered in cut-sizes, specific lengths or as prefabricated component with edges, borings and milled edges.

Furniture fronts:
Series production, consignment production with PUR-hotmelt or, on demand, of even higher optical quality with our new edging-technology "Hot-Air-injection".

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