Coating Materials

We work with all current HPL and CPL variants from well-known manufacturers as well as with Senosan acrylic foils from Senoplast. On request we also machine linoleum, veneer with fleece rear, leather reproductions and other decorative surfaces. The laminate must be capable of being moulded to be used in the manufacture of postformed elements (only possible with HPL or CPL). Please bear in mind the various formats used by laminate producers. These dictate the maximum dimensions of the elements.
The following basic formula applies when choosing the radius: 10 x laminate thickness = smallest radius
(eg.: 0.8 mm laminate thickness x 10 = 8 mm radius)
Exception: Postforming fronts with a core material thickness  of approx. 3 mm also using 0,8 mm laminate thickness.

Trend: Matt surfaces

The panel for high demands

ELTEC Elemente-Technik is a specialist for postforming elements, form parts and sandwich elements based on all kinds of carrier materials and coatings. During Interzum 2015, ELTEC presented the comprehensive product range with all its processing scope.

The presentation also included a sandwich element with an extra matt surface. Its decorative finish is achieved by a high-quality laminate with outstanding technical, optical and haptic characteristics. Showing almost zero reflection, the velvety, elegant surface captivates with its innovative combination of stress resistance, low maintenance effort and pleasing haptics.

Annoying visual impairments caused by so-called "fingerprints" have thus become a thing of the past.
The panel is available as sandwich element, as prefabricated finished part with matching edge and, most recently, as postforming element with a small radius.

Application fields include high-quality areas such as kitchen, bathroom, home furnishings, shopfitting and interior decoration.

High Gloss Surfaces

ELTEC has among others specialized in the production of excellent high gloss surfaces. We use PUR Hot Melt for special bonding in high gloss and super high gloss acrylic-surfaces on the required core boards. This innovative bonding technology guarantees a very smooth surface compared to the conventional PVAc bonding.

We deliver high gloss elements in cut-sizes, specific lengths or as prefabricated front with edges.

The following types are possible:

  • Full-format boards with HPL or acrylic surface
  • Doors with HPL or acrylic surface, 4-sided
  • Postforming HPL profiles with 3 mm radius
  • Postforming doors edged on all sides
  • Zero joint (Hot Air Injection)